A Woman’s Place Is Wherever She Wants It To Be

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“Only speak when spoken to.” 

“Make sure dinner is on the table when your husband comes home.” 

“One day you’ll change your mind and you’ll want children- just you wait.” 

The existence of women has almost exclusively been talked about from the idea that they exist for the service of other people. Our bodies exist to house children. Our hearts exist to love someone else. Our minds exist to create ideas that are monetarily worth less. When you search what the purpose of women is, the top result states that women are “primary caretakers.” Our job is to provide for others; to promote everyone else’s quality of life. But what about our own? Be selfish and loud. Choose you and take up space. Speak up and create your own identity. Find out who you are individually. 

A difficult field for women to claim is education. According to the United Nations, “women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people.” There is a substantial gender gap in school enrollment. This isn’t just about clarity, being fluent, or being concise. For some, a woman’s education is a key component in being successful. In society, we have workplace discrimination and harassment. The only way to fix this is to flood the application pool with qualified women. To make women CEOs and leaders. To uplift their voices and value their opinion. 

Women are phenomenal. This world wouldn’t exist without them. We rely on them for a home as an infant, for love as a child, for procreation as adults. But that isn’t their only function. Women are leaders. They are a force to be reckoned with. They are the source of brilliance and prosperity. Men have allowed them to represent “beauty.” But it is time for them to reclaim the “brains.” Do not talk down to us, allow us to speak up. Do not tell us where our place is, allow us to discover it. Do not reprimand us for what we can’t do, allow us to show you what we can do. 

This isn’t a fight for an extra dollar or for an additional stall on the floor of the Senate. This is about allowing women in, saving them a seat, and passing them the microphone. Education ranges from public to private and navigates skills ranging from basic fundamental principles to niche topics in a specific area of tertiary studies. The one consistency is opportunity. Regardless of the level or subject, there will always be an opportunity for understanding. Rarely do we get the opportunity to talk but when we do, make the most of it. Ask questions, demonstrate firm convictions, share your opinion, share facts and statistics, lead the conversation. They won’t expect it and they will be more likely to listen. The most effective way to ensure that your voice is heard is to support it using the institution of education as your foundation.

Our wombs are not our only superpower